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Import notebooks from OneNote 2016?


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Hi.  I have a OneNote app installed as part of MSOffice and my Evernote desktop seems to recognise this just fine.  I've seen elsewhere that there are different 'flavours' of OneNote,  but I'll be blessed if I can see any 'about' information on this window to tell me exactly which version I have...

Assuming you're using the latest Evernote desktop,  and with absolutely no experience and little expertise on this,  my suggested lines of attack would be:

  1. try sharing 2-3 notes from OneNote to your Evernote email address to test out the format.  If that works,  export your individual notebooks that way.  (It seems possible to block select individual notes)
  2. look into viewing your notes via a browser - you could then clip individual notes into Evernote
  3. look into exporting these notes to another version of OneNote and then onto Evernote
  4. worst case - copy and paste notes individually.  😟
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5 hours ago, rafikiphoto said:

I have found that printing to Foxit Phantom PDF works for most pages (there is not an unmanageable number). I then open the file in Foxit which has a built-in send to Evernote button.

To simplify the import, you can direct the pdf files to an Evernote import folder (Windows/Mac)

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