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Feature Request - Silent Camera Shutter OptioN

Martin Tamke


there is an identical feature request for Android 

On iOS it would basically be, that the camera sound respects the sound volume (mute) and device silent mode settings on the general iOS level. At the Moment evernoteignores it.

its pretty emarassingvat the moment to sit in a meeting and take e.g. images of a screen, as everyone hears this distinct ´click´ no matter what 



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Evernote could be a portable and compact note-taking setup on a mobile device with a bluetooth keyboard because you can take photos of slides in a presentation or class and save them inline with the notes you are taking. However, in spite of my iPhone camera being silent, the shutter sound in Evernote was so loud in a recent conference that I had to switch to the camera app and lost that efficiency.

Please at least give us the ability to turn it off or remove what you have added and obey the OS.

Many of us have petitioned for years for improvements to formatting (https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/93803-evernote-formatting-is-buggy-and-terrible-is-it-just-me/?tab=comments#comment-464684), such as semantic formatting like headings that would enable us to create notes that are structured hierarchically. I understand that that might require changes to large amounts of archived data.

However, there can't be much development burden for this feature. It has nothing to do with converting existing notes or changes to your overall system.

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Just tested it. There is a simple way to mute the shutter: At the iPhones side, above the volume-buttons is a little slider.

If this is pushed down (red marker visible), the shutter is muted. This mutes the whole phone, not only the camera shutter.

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