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  1. Evernote could be a portable and compact note-taking setup on a mobile device with a bluetooth keyboard because you can take photos of slides in a presentation or class and save them inline with the notes you are taking. However, in spite of my iPhone camera being silent, the shutter sound in Evernote was so loud in a recent conference that I had to switch to the camera app and lost that efficiency. Please at least give us the ability to turn it off or remove what you have added and obey the OS. Many of us have petitioned for years for improvements to formatting (https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/93803-evernote-formatting-is-buggy-and-terrible-is-it-just-me/?tab=comments#comment-464684), such as semantic formatting like headings that would enable us to create notes that are structured hierarchically. I understand that that might require changes to large amounts of archived data. However, there can't be much development burden for this feature. It has nothing to do with converting existing notes or changes to your overall system.
  2. I used to use Skitch alot but I had not used it for about a year. I needed it again today, so I downloaded from cloud in app store, took and annotated lots of photos, assuming it was doing what it claims to do. Over half of the Evernote notes had no image. It was not saving, so I tried emailing to myself at GMail. Nothing. I was about to drive 40 minutes to a furniture store. I am glad I checked. Is this going to be fixed, or should we all just find alternatives? I have been an Evernote subscriber for well over 10 years, but I keep having to find alternatives. You still don't have outlines, so I use Workflowy. You don't have easy formatting, so I use Quiver. Now Skitch is gone. What is Evernote's strategy in silently allowing Skitch to die?
  3. Evernote should enable its users to create documents that have semantic structure, with h1, h2, and so on. The web now has HTML5 and semantic markup. Right now, Evernote formatting is like using a typewriter, and that is ridiculous. Allowing users to semantically structure their documents would make it possible to use that structure to improve search in the future. Image being able to search for "green" only in H1 in your notes. Image being able to search for "banana" only within a bulleted list. THAT would be a powerful app. Right now, you just have to trawl through everything. And Markup support would be a great way to make this easier, because the way Evernote formats text is like the middle school cafeteria food - you can't tell what it is until you eat it. In other words, you cannot explicitly control the markup after pasting something in. Instead you have to waste time and energy poking and changing things manually. I want to be able to make notes that are structured as outlines, and making it look like an outline is not the point. It needs to be structured. Also consider Accessibility. Screen reader users cannot scan an Evernote note sent to them to find the information they need. Evernote is not Accessible to the disabled. A screen reader user would have to listen to the entire note, from start to finish, instead of skipping H1's, then H2's, to find what she is looking for. Semantic markup makes for better search, better accessibility, and easier initial capture of information because you can organize your thoughts as an outline without having to mess with font size, bold, etc, like using a typewriter in the 1980's. If Evernote improves formatting of text with a semantic structure, Evernote will be so much more appealing. I have been using Evernote for over 10 years, and I have way too much information in it to easily quit, but in spite of that I am searching for migration options. Evernote streamlined earlier this year, and I hope this is the next improvement for the platform. The future of the web is semantic content, and Evernote should not leave its users behind.
  4. I have been a paid member of Evernote since January 2009. Currently, I still use Evernote for capture and old info, but I then curate IT-related info in the Quiver app because it allows me to control formatting. Quiver enables you to format in blocks such as Markdown, plain text, and code. The code blocks auto-format for the language you are using. I would like Evernote to enable users to Edit notes in Markdown by switching between Edit and View modes Deliberately control formatting instead of the current unpredictable hit and miss. Have formatting styles like heading 1, heading 2, etc., body, block quote, and so on. Have auto-formatted code blocks that follow the language syntax. Type without allowing OS to auto-replace smart quotes and dashes, etc. Again, these are things that Quiver already does well, but with nine years of info in Evernote, I cannot easily quit. I would like the company to innovate by improving the user experience instead of adding shiny edge-case features like chat and doing promotional blogs and podcasts. People have been complaining about Evernote formatting and editing since the beginning. It is time for the company to improve the core purpose of the software.
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