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  1. there is an identical feature request for Android On iOS it would basically be, that the camera sound respects the sound volume (mute) and device silent mode settings on the general iOS level. At the Moment evernoteignores it. its pretty emarassingvat the moment to sit in a meeting and take e.g. images of a screen, as everyone hears this distinct ´click´ no matter what
  2. It’s the year 2020 and Evernote makes still noises, when using the camera without there being a cure (iOS on iPad Pro) evernote ignores the iOS silent mode settings, the device volume settings ( mute). In my world there us no use case for a camera sound: I simply see the image and decide whether I need to retake it based on the visuals. so if a camera silent switch is not possible, please abandon the noise
  3. This problem encountered me several times in my Evernote career. The reason was always a single (corrupted?) note. Charcateristic of these notes was, that they were quite long, had several embedded elements (e.g. Excel sheets) and was almost daily used (e.g. to do lists). The Quick Click upon opening helped every time. (on the Windows Desktop version). I usually deleted the malicious note beforehand in the evernote webinterface, where everything was always working... PS: a pity that this problem persists over such along time
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