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how to prevent file extensions on imported files

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My english lessons are long ago. I'll try anyway.

I often import well named *.pdf files to become new notes.
I woult wish to create a note automatically named "example_blabla_Year" from a file named "example_blabla_Year.pdf" by drag the file into the import folder.
Do you see a solution?



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In WIndows (youdidn't say what Evernote application you are using) , you can probably figure out a way to do this with ENScript, as far as I can tell (I haven't tried it):

c:\BIN>"c:\Program Files (x86)\Evernote\Evernote\ENScript.exe" createnote /?

Usage: ENScript createNote [options]


  /s file - file containing the plain text note contents. If omitted, note contents are read from standard input.
  /n notebook - notebook to create the note in. If does not exist, lazy create. If omitted, use default notebook.
  /b notebook - business notebook to create the note in. If does not exist, lazy create.
  /i title - specifies note title. If omitted, note title will be generated automatically.
  /t tag - specifies note tag. If tag does not exist, lazy create it. Use multiple /t options to specify multiple tags.
  /a filename - specifies file attachment. Use multiple /a options or file masks to specify multiple file attachments.
  /c dttm - note creation date/time. { "YYYY/MM/DD hh:mm:ss" | filetime }. If omitted, use current time.
  /u username - user name if not the same as database file name.
  /p password - user password to confirm Evernote service access.
  /d database - database file name if user name is not specified.

If both database file name and user name are not specified, last login name is used and
if there is none, USERNAME environment variable value is used as a user name.

Relevant pieces (title and attachment filename) picked out in red. You also need to work out how to stop Evernote from reading input from standard input as that's how it reads note content (should be able to redirect standard input from a text file containing a carriage return). You might be able to set this up as a Windows shortcut that you can drag and drop into as well. Again, I haven't tried it.

Seems like a lot of work to go through for what seems to be a relatively minor annoyance, but if you can automate it, then that's probably a win there.


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Sorry - didn't realise the extension was the issue.  As well as the option suggested by @jefito I use third party app Filterize to tag and move new notes to different notebooks depending on their content or title. Don't know whether it would be possible to use it as a glorified spell check to simply remove ".PDF" if it appears in a new note title,  but it might be worth looking at.

Edit:  Turns out it will replace parts of the title. (https://filterize.net/doc/actions/)


You must specify a search term. The search could be case-sensitive or not. Every occurrence of the search term will be replaced with the replace term. The replacement could be empty.


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