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Need to wipe computer - anything special to do beforehand?

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If you have local notebooks, you need to take care of them yourself. The usual procedure would be to export them as ENEX-file to have a backup that can later be reimported.

Beside this and after a final sync, you can wipe it. After reinstalling, the new EN app will sync everything from the server. This may take a while.

To get the new EN app I would always use the one from the EN Website, not the one from the App Store. It is exactly the same software, but the app from the App Store will execute in a sandboxed mode which created all sort of trouble on my Mac. No more problems since I uninstalled and got the direct install.

For Web Clipper, this is not possible. Here you need to install from the official Safari extensions site.

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1 hour ago, DavidD said:

As far as EN goes, anything special I need to do beforehand?

Take screenshots of the Evernote preference pages so you can reenter them.

As @PE mentioned, your database will be rebuilt from the servers (except for Local Notebooks)

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