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  1. Thanks. Do we actually know with any degree of certainty that EN acknowledges the issues and is actively working to correct them, such that there will be a version that doesn't have the issues?
  2. Just wondering whether all the "issues" with 10 have been resolved with the latest release? It's hard to tell from this forum (where obviously users with issues will post) just how many issues remain with 10. I don't have any local notebooks, anymore...
  3. Thanks. I have exported local notes as HTML and also as ENEX. To reinstall these, when the time comes, do I just use the ENEX - import ENEX and check import tags in the import dialog box?
  4. I need to wipe my Mac and reinstall all software. I have backups. As far as EN goes, anything special I need to do beforehand?
  5. Hello, I have upgraded to Catalina and downloaded ScanSnap Home to scan directly with my ix500 to EN. I can't find instructions for how to set up the scanner to scan to EN like I used to do with the old software. I could find instructions to do it through the cloud but I would like to just scan directly to EN on my computer rather than EN in the cloud. If anyone can point me to instructions it would be appreciated.
  6. Just wondering what the difference is between exporting all notes and making a copy of the database folder? Which is the best strategy for backups? I use Time Machine but would like to also keep a separate off-line backup.
  7. Thanks for your help. I used support chat to help deactivate the account that I created in error (very quick and helpful support person) and then I logged back into the app with the correct email and all is good. Phew.
  8. Thanks. Good advice. I actually entered an email address but (I think luckily) didn't enter the one that I use for EN so EN opened as a new program. EN on the web is still there.
  9. I just downloaded and installed and EN did not restart as usual. When I restart it is asking me for an email address and is behaving as if it's a new install. What should I do? Hopefully local folders can be recovered.
  10. Thanks gazumped - that's a good system - but I really like CalS's solution; it's pretty quick and works well. Wish I'd figured it out years ago!
  11. When the files are scanned into EN using ScanSnap the notes (and the name of the pdf) get a name like "2017_03_01_19_58_44" related to the date. I usually change the name of the note to reflect the nature of the scanned document. If I need to get those files out of EN, using Save As the resultant file name is 2017_03_01_19_58_44.pdf. It would be great to have the file name take on the note name.
  12. Is there any way - when saving (downloading) a pdf that is attached to a note - to have the filename the same as the note name, rather than the numerical name that EN gave the file when it was scanned? I assume not. It would be useful to be able to do so.
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