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Request: Stop Windows Outlook clipper from opening new multiple windows

Faisal Malallah


When I click on the "Save to Evernote" button in MS Outlook, the addon opens a window showing the email and the options to change where it would be stored and what tags to assign to it. After I click save, Evernote opens a new window with the new created note. 

This is double work; at least one of these two windows is totally useless. I suggest you modify this addon to open one window only with the option of not opening any window at all for smoother process. 


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1 hour ago, Faisal Malallah said:

After I click save, Evernote opens a new window with the new created note. 

I have just got so used to closing these "MS Outlook saved to a New EN-Window" function, that I never thought to ask if this behaviour could be configured to prevent it from happening. 

I just went through the EN-Windows Tools>Options settings and could find nothing about the MS Outlook Add-on ...however there is section about configuring the EN-Clipper!

This would save a lot of work for me by having EN not open a new window so if this is a feature request - I will be the 1st to vote for it.  If this is something that can be changed/configured in either MS Outlook or EN-Windows, then if anyone knows how please let us know.  Thanks for asking about this @Faisal Malallah .  I will also raise a support request about this and let you know.

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Agreed - I do occasionally find it useful to add tags or edit titles if I forgot to do that in the original clipper window,  but I can also do that in the app. Not sure there is a use for the new window except to show that the full email was clipped...  anyway;  moved to feature request thread,  voted.

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I think I may have found a work-around! @gazumped @Faisal Malallah  This is another of my 2-step shuffle solutions, but, it works!

In MS-Outlook-Windows, I have 5 email accounts added, of which one is my default xxx@outlook.com email account, and that I rarely use.  However if you...

... drag emails from other email accounts into your default xxx@outlook.com email account/inbox, then use the green coloured Save-to-EN icon, not only does the interface look more user friendly, and provide more options, it now does NOT CREATE A NEW EN NOTE WINDOW once the save is complete...NICE!

Below is an screenshot of the reply email I sent to EN-Support that explains it more clearly, and asks for answers...which again I will provide once they get back to me.

////////////////////////////// EMAIL COPY /////////////////////

Hi Christian,

Thanks for your full reply.

Please be aware that this issue ONLY happens for/when using email accounts that are NOT ‘Outlook.com’ email accounts, e.g. xxxx@yahoo.com, or xxx@gmail.com etc.

  • I am using MS Outlook-Windows, installed on my Win10 PC (as part of an Office 365 subscription), and NOT using ‘Outlook-Web’, or ‘Outlook-for-Android’ Apps etc. 
  • MS Outlook installed on my PC acts as my Email Client, or central bucket, where all my email accounts feed in to.
  • Here are the 5 email accounts I have added to MS-Outlook-Windows…notice I have just the 1 ‘outlook.com’ email account.



Now, when I use/access my xxx@outlook.com email account, in MS Outlook, which is one of 5 I have added to MS Outlook, the first thing of note is the existence of 2x ‘Save to EN’ icons appearing on the menu bar!  One is grey, and the other is green in colour.  On all other Email accounts only the one grey-colour EN icon appears.  

So IMHO it appears that Outlook is integrating more fully with the add-on, than when using other account


vs   when using my xxx@yahoo.com.au account (see below - NOTICE JUST 1 EN ICON)




Question 1)  Why do I have 2 ‘Save-to-Evernote’ icons when using Outlook email?

Question 2)  How come when clipping/saving to EN form my Outlook.com email account the interface is different versus other email accounts?  …and the issue of a NEW EN Note Window does not exist!?


Here’s how the interface looks when using my xxx@outlook.com email account in MS Outlook and then clipping/saving an email to EN



Here’s how the interface looks when using my xxx@anyotheremail.com email account in MS Outlook and then clipping/saving an email to EN



Many Thanks

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@RavBoy I think I know the explanation to what you're experiencing.

There are two type of Evernote addons to Outlook: The first one is the one installed with the Windows Evernote client. When you using this one, the addon clips the email directly to your Windows Evernote client and opens the two annoying windows.

The second type is an addon added to the email account it self; this shows itself as the green button. This one clips the email to your Evernote account directly through the internet. It doesn't use the Windows Evernote client at all. So you won't see the clipped email on your windows client unless you sync.

So your outlook.com email account has that email addon 

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huh... great that you figured this out.  I don't know how, why, or even when this happened, but in any case, having this scenario works to remove the issue of the new note window for reasons you seem to understand better than me.  I wonder if the 2nd type of add-on, the one added directly to the email account, could be added to each and every one of my individual email accounts added inside MS Outlook...that would be awesome.

edit* and when you say re 2nd add-on, that it is added to email account directly...are you saying added via the webmail interface, the web app for the Outlook email account in question, or any mail account for that matter?

just answered my own question by accessing Outlook-web, via a link on Outlook-windows in "Manage Add-ins".  Outlook-web does indeed show that I added the EN Add-on...



The EN add-on for MS-Outlook-Windows client...where it actually shows the add-on is disabled, even though it still works!


got to figure this out, but thanks very much for the info @Faisal Malallah

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