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Missing Notes

Aaron Force


I have many hundreds of notes and so it takes me a while to get around to all of them but I noticed just this week that 2 related notes are missing. They are not in my trash and I never would have deleted them anyway. They don't show up on the web version or my desktop app and I have manually synched many times. I have searched for them both within each of my notebooks (even where they should not be) and in "All Notes." I do backup all my files as well but they aren't there either so I'm assuming since they've gone missing my backups wouldn't have them either. I have no idea how long they've been missing so that doesn't help either. I very much need these back but I also need some assurance that evernote is more reliable than this and not going to lose other extremely valuable (think proprietary) notes. Not good evernote, you've let me down.

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52 minutes ago, Aaron Force said:

I do backup all my files as well but they aren't there either ... I also need some assurance that evernote is more reliable than this

You might want to adjust your backup proces   
I haven't lost any notes from Evernote, or from my backups; imho - both are reliable

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Evernote from my experience is very reliable. You do not tell on which platform you are missing your notes.

On a desktop, there are further options on the database. Hold the string/ctrl key on Windows / alt/opt on a Mac, before clicking on the help menu. Below the usual menu positions additional ones will show. These are to rebuild the search index and to review the database. Sometimes this will recover something that is there but somehow not showing.

If on the web client, first thing would be to go back to the „classical“ editor. The new one is nice because of the new functions, but known to sometimes not show things. The old one is reliable on this.

If you still have not found what you search you could sign for Premium for one month. First this will unlock note history (which is useful if you want to go back to a past state in an existing note), second you can issue a support ticket on this.

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