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  1. I just bought a Chromebook (big mistake) and apparently you can only download an app version of Evernote on it. With the app on Chromebook there is apparently no way to bring up a "right-click" menu. Even though Chromebook does have a really weird (read "dumb") way of doing a right-click, it apparently DOES NOT WORK IN EVERNOTE. So I cannot find a way to copy notes into Evernote anymore with no formatting. Even the normal shortcut to do so does not work with a Chromebook. I don't even see that I can paste a note with wonky formatting and clear the formatting. Please, anyone, help?!?
  2. I have many hundreds of notes and so it takes me a while to get around to all of them but I noticed just this week that 2 related notes are missing. They are not in my trash and I never would have deleted them anyway. They don't show up on the web version or my desktop app and I have manually synched many times. I have searched for them both within each of my notebooks (even where they should not be) and in "All Notes." I do backup all my files as well but they aren't there either so I'm assuming since they've gone missing my backups wouldn't have them either. I have no idea how long they've been missing so that doesn't help either. I very much need these back but I also need some assurance that evernote is more reliable than this and not going to lose other extremely valuable (think proprietary) notes. Not good evernote, you've let me down.
  3. I started having problems yesterday with not responding. I could type about a sentence then it would crash every time. I logged out, restarted, didn't matter. I just reinstalled the desktop app this afternoon and it did it again. Only now after several times doing this it won't even load notebooks or notes. It is completely non-functional now. This is absolutely ridiculous—there must be a solution. What do people do to fix it?
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