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Can not use Evernote any more

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When I start Evernote  I can no longer access my notes; I get an alert that I have acceded my two devices number. This only started today - same laptop as yesterday. I cannot understand because I have always had one laptop. I am 75 years old and one laptop is all I ever needed.

To whom should I report this problem? Thanks in advance for all help.

Tony V.

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20 minutes ago, Tony Vella said:

I get an alert that I have acceded my two devices number.

Good to hear you got it resolved

For future reference, we also have access to our data on the web at www.evernote.com   
This is not counted in the device limit

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Thank you, DTLow, for your reply. When I went to the "delete devices" section I found that I had three devices listed:

my old laptop that died; my new laptop which I am using now; and an iPhone. The problem is that I have NEVER owned an iPhone in my life. So, from that perspective, I am still in a fog.

Interesting, isn't it?

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16 minutes ago, Tony Vella said:

and an iPhone. The problem is that I have NEVER owned an iPhone in my life. So, from that perspective, I am still in a fog.

You should also revoke access to the iPhone; and change your password
It's an indication that your password has been compromised

A best practice is to only use your Evernote for Evernote
Hackers are collecting passwords from less secure services

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I would like to change my password but I simply don't know how. AND, if I changed my password would I still be able to post on this forum or would I need a new password for the forum also? 

= Old age + not very tech-savvy.

Any reply appreciated in advance.

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Best way is to go to the Web Client, on a browser, by entering Evernote.com . At the top right of the page is the login. 

Once you are in, go to your profile.

1) Using the profiles options, you can revoke access of any device that should not be there.

2) Using the options you can change your password. Create a new one, sufficiently strong and not used for any other service. I recommend using a password manager to keep all of your passwords, and create secure ones.

The web client, which you are using for this is never counted as a device. So even if a Basic account is blocked, one can always reach the EN servers here.

And the changed PW should automatically work for the forum as well.

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