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'Grant Permission to Evernote' keeps expanding

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I am a paid premium user. This is the desktop app for Windows 10. 

While trying to log on with google, a window appears that's titled 'Grant Permission to Evernote'. This window grows until it fills the screen, with nothing in it. Obviously not able to log in. Attaching an image.



Need help!


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Hi.  Has the Google login previously worked for you,  or are you just setting this up?  If your account is synced up to date you could try uninstalling Evernote / restarting your device and reinstalling...

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20 hours ago, GuidoTM said:

I have the exact same issue! Fresh install of Evernote v6.21.2.8716 on Windows 10. I only use Google to log into Evernote so using the email/password option did not work for me.

Hi.  Is it possible to log in via a browser at Evernote.com and set up a standard password?

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15 hours ago, Mrs Orbra said:

Hi, it's been fixed. I had the same issue but successfully signed in using google just now.

Definitely not fixed. I downloaded a fresh latest version of Evernote today (and have never before had Evernote installed), on Windows 10, and this happened to me.

(Version: (308716) Public (CE Build ce-62.5.9981) )

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