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How to Manage a Collection of Travel Postcards

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Evernote can take your collection of travel postcards to the next level. You can scan your postcards, tag them by dates or locations and if you ever need to look up the name of the place you remember visiting and picking up a postcard this information can be at your fingertips.

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Probably depends on the source first. Postcards are often glossy, making it hard to scan with a phones camera. And they do not like to bend, making it hard to scan on a scanner with document feeder. If you use a flatbed scanner for best result, it is a tedious, one by one job that leaves room to import and directly move the scans to the right place.

Then I think it would be nice to have front and back together, because the back will often contain valuable information - and sometimes personal memories. Keeping this together with any foto-based program is not easy, because they treat any picture as an entity. Plus they mostly do not allow for significant additional text.

So I think EN should be a good platform to organize this.

I would maybe create a template to make sure I contain all information in a structured way , build from fields in a table. Then it is always good to put the pictures into a table, because this does control the pictures size when on display. And finally I would pre-think what to put in the title line (there is a 80 character limit on this), because one can efficiently search for title content using the „intitle“ Search prefix. Plus a good, hierarchical tagging system, to create a superstructure to sort, group and find related cards.

Maybe start with only a few cards, set things up, use it for a while, perfect it and then go all in. Have fun !

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16 hours ago, bitcohen said:

Where can I find out how to intersperse pix and commentary in one continuous flow on my IPHONE or better-yet, IPAD?.

At any point in the "commentary", you can click the + icon to insert a photo

To be honest, I use the Notability app on my iPad for note-taking; Pages app for word processing.    
I store the documents in Evernote as attachments

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Handling tables on an iOS device is not working well. iOS knows what a table means in EN, but it is weak in creating and handling them.

Thus my idea to create a template ready with the table elements needed to structure content, and create room to contain the pictures. Once the table is there, it can be used - for example to import a picture from the camera roll, or directly from the camera.

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