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Web Clipper -> Desktop App



Hopefully this isn't a user problem, I couldn't find any posts on it.

I use web clipper on Windows 10.  I often want to print a web article without all the extraneous junk on the page, so I use the web clipper to capture just the article.  It offers me the option to view it in Evernote, then it loads the web version, ignoring the desktop version I have installed on this machine already.  If I have the app, then no, I don't want to view it in Evernote on the web.  It would be great if the clipper would fire up the desktop app if it's present.


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Your browser Web Clipper doesn't need to open Evernote at all to do its job - clip a page using 'simplified article' and you'll see the page itself lose some layout and ads to present a preview of what the note will look like,  but once you press 'save clip' the browser will go back to normal operations and you can move elsewhere.  The content has been saved to your account.

There is an option to "view in Evernote",  which will open the clip in the web browser because it's just been saved to the server version of Evernote - it's not yet on your computer at all,  other than as the original web page. 

If you have the installed app open on your desktop and hit 'sync',  you'll see the clip pop up and can see it there.  I don't read articles as I clip - I save them to a specific notebook and read at my leisure later,  once they've synced to the local computer. 

Clipper just isn't designed to function as you request.

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38 minutes ago, gazumped said:

Clipper just isn't designed to function as you request.

Currently "view in Evernote" is opening the web browser with a link to the note

Supposedly, my web browser is set up so note links redirect to open in-app.  This redirect fails for web clippings

>>just been saved to the server version of Evernote - it's not yet on your computer at all

Agreed; this could be a problem for in-app access

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