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  1. Hopefully this isn't a user problem, I couldn't find any posts on it. I use web clipper on Windows 10. I often want to print a web article without all the extraneous junk on the page, so I use the web clipper to capture just the article. It offers me the option to view it in Evernote, then it loads the web version, ignoring the desktop version I have installed on this machine already. If I have the app, then no, I don't want to view it in Evernote on the web. It would be great if the clipper would fire up the desktop app if it's present. Thanks,
  2. I confess up front that I haven't read every post here, but I did read several, and I came here with this same problem. How to load a pile of documents into a scanner, together, and have them saved as separate files (PDF or otherwise) in the receiving directory? Well, the systemic answer, which I've already seen implemented somewhere, is this. The scanner or other software handling the documents has the capability to print out its own specific separator page, which is unique, and which it recognizes when coming in through the scanner or in the bulk PDF. When it sees one, it simply starts a new document scan, adding metadata or anything else just like it would on the first page. I'd hoped that Evernote had something like this baked in already, in which case any scanner could be used universally. I think a few scanners out there handle this on the front end, before the PDFs are created. If there are any updates out there I'm not aware of, or if (Hey, Evernote!) the software might support this any time soon, please correct me. This one feature would really help it move closer to a universal, scan-anything-and-everything tool for me.
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