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Desktop App Syncing Issues & Web

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For my desktop app, shared notes with me are not loading and saying "Note is unavailable. Make sure you are online." For some other notes I am able to load the note but they are locked. I'm 100% online and the notes are completely visible and unlocked via the mobile app and the web.

What can I do?

Via Web, I am signed out within 15-20 min of inactivity. Is this normal?

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Ran into this issue yesterday.  Updated MacOS with latest security patch (Mojave 10.14.6), opened a shared note from a coworker and it was 'locked' saying I was only granted read-only access.  I verified via phone EN app and web interface that I still had full edit rights and after making an edit and then attempting to reopen on the Mac (v 7.13 - 458080 Direct) it has only displayed the "Note is unavailable. Make sure you are online" message. strangely enough when I open the note details it does show correct data about last update times for the note. 

I have completely uninstalled and removed all preference and other folders to do a clean install of EN and the results are identical.  This is a critical issue and massively impactful to my productivity. 


Any suggestions as to how to get back to a working state are tremendously appreciated!

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16 hours ago, kirkwood_bum said:

This is a critical issue and massively impactful to my productivity. 

No disrespect,  but if you're using Evernote for such a critical issue it should be worth subscribing so you can get chat support from Evernote when it becomes necessary.  I'm not a Mac user,  and you've already done the reinstall that is more or less the limit of my tech skill here - maybe my more knowledgeable colleagues will be able to help you.  Meantime:  have you tried checking the web client via Evernote.com for an OS-independent view of these notes?

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