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iOS Web Clipper - Full Functionality (or at least a Bookmark option)

Rufus M


Currently, the iOS web clipper only seems to offer the Full Page option, and more often than not pages come out a bit garbled compared to the desktop version. My current workaround is to add pages to my Safari Reading List and clip them later on by Mac, but it slows down my workflow considerably.

Would it be possible to introduce the same clipping options on iOS? Article, Simplified Article, Bookmark, Screenshot, and a Full Page option that works like the desktop version, would be fantastic. Otherwise, users will have to rely on their desktop computers for one of Evernote’s prime functions.

I have dabbled in another programme called Notion, and when I clip pages on iOS, it seems like it just sends the link to their server, and the page is then remotely downloaded (rather than copying the page directly from the browser). Perhaps that could be a workaround.

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50 minutes ago, Rufus M said:

My current workaround is to add pages to my Safari Reading List

The IOS share menu adds the title and URL to a note; my "reading list"

I'm looking into Siri Shortcuts to automate the save (a Bookmark Option)

>>more often than not pages come out a bit garbled

The Evernote app often has issues with the complex code behind some web pages

I save the page in web archive format

I also save screen shots; they never 'come out a bit garbled'

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On iOS I mostly use the „print to pdf“ option, preferably on the reader version of a web site. 

This will produce a pdf that then can be shared into EN.

Simple, fast, reliable. The downside is that the clipped page is a pdf, so embedded links will not work any longer.

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I absolutely think that the "Bookmark" option should be included in the webclipper function on iOS. In fact, it should probably be the default option. I'd really like to see this added soon.

If anybody has an easy work around using IFTTT or iOS Shortcuts that will allow me to create a bookmark I'd be very interested in hearing about those options. Even if I could just create a note with a hyperlink and an image from the website, that would be sufficient for my purposes.

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Would be nice to be able to do that.

As a work around, you can tap on the address field in Safari, which marks the URL, click "copy", open EN, open the note and paste the URL. It is not fast, but it works.

My full workflow is like this:

  1. Decide to clip a website (better: a page from the web)
  2. Tap on URL, copy the link
  3. If available, switch to reader option
  4. Click on share, select Print, a box opens with a preview and print options
  5. Pinch with 2 fingers outward on the preview - this creates a pdf, which is opened
  6. In the pdf view, click on share, choose EN, if needed edit title, choose notebook and tags, hit save
  7. A new note is created with the pdf attached
  8. Click to the left of the pdf, insert 2-3 "return"-keys, to move the pdf down a few lines.
  9. Tap into the space created, choose "Paste" from the little menu. This inserts the URL copied in step 2 into the new note.

By this you have the content saved by the pdf, and can always switch back to the website for further use.

It may sound like a lot of steps - if you are used to it, it will take you little time to perform them.

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