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  1. Currently, the iOS web clipper only seems to offer the Full Page option, and more often than not pages come out a bit garbled compared to the desktop version. My current workaround is to add pages to my Safari Reading List and clip them later on by Mac, but it slows down my workflow considerably. Would it be possible to introduce the same clipping options on iOS? Article, Simplified Article, Bookmark, Screenshot, and a Full Page option that works like the desktop version, would be fantastic. Otherwise, users will have to rely on their desktop computers for one of Evernote’s prime functions. I have dabbled in another programme called Notion, and when I clip pages on iOS, it seems like it just sends the link to their server, and the page is then remotely downloaded (rather than copying the page directly from the browser). Perhaps that could be a workaround.
  2. I know I'm far from the first person to mention this, but the limit of 1 layer for folders/notebook stacks is one of the biggest things holding Evernote back, and makes it really inconvenient when managing large databases. So, I would like to request infinite stacking of notebooks within folders, along with the ability to see all notes within a given level (e.g. if you have a folder with three notebooks inside, then clicking the folder will show you notes from all three notebooks at once). This would be incredibly useful when it comes to large projects, where sorting information into smaller and smaller subcategories is vital to avoid losing track. ? I would also really like to see sub-notes, similar to the way Scrivener works - i.e. a note serves as a sort of folder for other notes, which are attached to it and can be manually ordered . This is incredibly helpful for appending information that is relevant to the main note, and helps avoid clutter/overly long notes.
  3. I use Evernote for some fairly extensive research, and some more robust tools for managing this would be appreciated. In particular, quote management tools. Features that I would like to see include: Highlight colours. "Quote blocks" (I currently use code blocks for big quotes but they are a bit fiddly). Tagged highlights (e.g. a tag for the author or subject of the quote). Quote compiling: a dynamic list of all highlights, with the ability to sort by tag. I currently use an app called PDFExpert for highlighting PDFs, due to it having multiple highlight colours and a dynamic list of highlights/notes (though you cannot tag quotes).
  4. Currently, YouTube clippings seem to come out a bit mangled - it would also be useful to be able to choose how many comments are saved (or even to download all comments). As for Twitter, it is nigh impossible to save a tweet (except by screenshotting) - would be highly appreciated if this feature were added (with support for threads).
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