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  1. In the old version of Evernote for iPad, I was able to create a new note by pressing Command + N. This hotkey seems to be missing from the new iOS version, so it takes quite a lot of effort to make a new note. If I am editing a note and want to create a new one, I first have to press the tick button to stop editing (it’s quite a small/fiddly button to press), then go down to the bottom-left and hit the New Note button (again, quite small/fiddly to press). The old hotkey made my workflow a lot faster, so it would be good to have this back.
  2. Tabbed browsing was always an essential Evernote feature for me, to the point that I'll probably revert to the old version until it returns.
  3. I am also on the lookout for the settings/preferences menu, but haven't managed to track it down so far.
  4. I agree that being able to revert to the previous version of Evernote would probably be the best short-term solution. I'm currently relying on other apps for notetaking on iOS, but would rather be back on Evernote sooner rather than later.
  5. I have also run into this issue on iPhone and iPad. As I edit a note, Evernote periodically creates a duplicate. Evernote is also open on my Mac in the background — I’ll check whether quitting the Mac version has any effect and report back. Edit: looks like the problem occurs even if I quit Evernote on Mac.
  6. I usually work on a 4K monitor with my MacBook Pro, or on my iPad, and one issue I have run into with my Evernote notes is that the text size is incredibly small. On a Mac, you can pinch-to-zoom to increase the size, but as soon as you leave the note it resets, so you have to re-zoom every time you open a note. On the iPad, zooming doesn't re-flow the text, so some of the text ends up going off the screen. Would it be possible to add an option to increase the default zoom? The closest workaround I can think of at the moment would be to increase the default font size to something mass
  7. I tried typing in the date a number of different ways, but they were all rejected. Is there any way to set the reminder without a date?
  8. I tried this, but it didn't seem to work: tell application "Evernote" set theNotes to get selection repeat with theNote in theNotes set reminder order of theNote end repeat end tell
  9. Do you know the script to set reminders on the selected notes, but without a due date?
  10. I love Evernote, but after several years as a user (primarily for academic research), I am acutely aware of several areas in dire need of development (which would probably be quite easy to do). Evernote is lagging several years behind the competition in terms of features, having made only minor incremental changes since I started using it. With apps like Notion currently stealing the spotlight, Evernote needs to develop quickly indeed if it wants to maintain its user base. Despite the power of Notion, I haven't quite been willing to make the jump, primarily because of Evernote's magn
  11. Currently, the iOS web clipper only seems to offer the Full Page option, and more often than not pages come out a bit garbled compared to the desktop version. My current workaround is to add pages to my Safari Reading List and clip them later on by Mac, but it slows down my workflow considerably. Would it be possible to introduce the same clipping options on iOS? Article, Simplified Article, Bookmark, Screenshot, and a Full Page option that works like the desktop version, would be fantastic. Otherwise, users will have to rely on their desktop computers for one of Evernote’s prime function
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