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Evernote Takes off SpaceX - Elon Musk's Top Tips for Ian Small


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In a recent Elon Musk interview/video by YT Channel, 'Everyday Astronaut'  (view from time-index 3.00 min to 6:20 min mark), Elon Musk talks about how SpaceX is able to get things done so fast.

Unbelievably, he expects his new Starship rocket of reaching Orbit in 6 months, and after having just finished construction of their Mark-1, 1st test proto-type.

Amongst his tips, Elon-Musk talks about the significance of how "organisation errors are reflected in the product errors"...interesting! 

So if he/his team can get that done, I reckon @Ian Small & Team, can easily get "Dark Mode for Windows done in 6 months" easily 😉 wink wink, nudge nudge, and elbow to the ribs, for not having done it yet since 2013!

It's not rocket science, but I have faith that Ian & Team can get it done!  This is obviously meant as playful tongue and cheek, except for the Dark Mode for Windows part! 😉



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„Unbelievable“ is maybe the right word.

I have read some articles about this current (ad)venture. In one of them was mentioned that SpaceX has to move that fast because they are running out of money. Only tests and expenses, not enough revenue.

Crossfinancing from the Musk-Empire does not work any more, Tesla is plagued from short sellers waiting for the business model to collapse. They were alone for a long time, but now other companies are ramping up production of a new generation of E-cars with good performance/ range combinations.

I do not wish them to fail, they made fantastic progress in innovation and cost busting for orbital transport. But you never know how much is solid engineering, and what is financial engineering above sound R&D- practices.

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Hey @PinkElephant I liked the way you put that... 

2 hours ago, PinkElephant said:

you never know how much is solid engineering, and what is financial engineering above sound R&D- practices.

So yeah... I don't know about that stuff either.  However, I think both his companies have achieved so much in so little time, compared to what I perceive as industry norms, not withstanding that NASA also took less then 10 years to put someone on the moon.  And even in NASA's situation, I think it could be argued that it's stunning results were achieved through JFK's leadership and inspiration, to get his people to reach further than what they thought was possible.

But SpaceX' results (see image) speaks volumes, and is testament to their ability to get things done efficiently, fast, and effectively. And in this case it is 'rocket science'! 

So if Elon and team can do all that rocket science so good and so fast, then so too can @Ian Small and team give us dark mode for Windows! 😉 

I might have to look into setting up some EN lobby group... lol




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Yes, let us wait and see. A lot of people burned a ton of money betting against Tesla already.

Space X cut the cost of sending a ton of cargo into orbit by half. This is a lot and explains the curve of space shots.

But it seems they balance on a narrow path between ambition and financing. Wish them luck.

With EN the task is different. I think they currently rebuild a mayor part of their aged code base. This is a lot of work without visible results. I hope they take their time and release when ready. And I hope this will be sooner than later.

However, dark mode is one thing that is not very high on my personal agenda. Got it with iOS 13 now and am thinking about turning it off !

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