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Offline Access to a specific Tag?

Aurora A.

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7 hours ago, Aurora A. said:

I have a tag named "ebooks".

I'd like to be able to have offline access to this since sometimes I'm in places with no internet connection. I already have my own organizational system setup, so it would really help if there was a way to do this.


Hi.  See How to access notes offline - if you set up offline notes on a mobile device,  leave plenty of time for the content to sync down to your device before you expect to get access.

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You didn't say what device type you're using Evernote on (Windows, Mac, Android, iOS), but I'll assume it's mobile (Android or iOS0 since the Windows and Mac Evernote applications by default download all of your notes onto your device, so they're always there whether you're online or not.

For mobile devices, you may designate certain notebooks as "offline"; that means, if possible (i.e., subject to device storage restrictions), notes in offline notebooks they are kept downloaded on your mobile device. This is done on a notebook basis; there is no way to designate notes as offline using a tag.

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