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Evernote ver 6.20.2 Hangs at startup

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I recently tried to update my Evernote version 14.x to the latest version on my Windows 10 desktop PC. Despite many trys, the result was alsways the same - the progress bar would get near the end and then say it was unable to install the upgrade. At that point, I decided to delete the old version and install a freshly downloaded current version, 6.20.2. The new version installed, but when I run the program, it immdeiately hangs, displaying the blue circle endlessly, until it eventually says that the program is not responding. I have tried rebooting the PC, deleting and reinstalling, even re-dowloading the installation software and re-installing the program, all to no avail. Any help in how to get this running is appreciated!!

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Hi.  I'd suggest reinstalling the software (again,  sorry...) but then remove it with Revo Uninstaller Free - which reaches parts other uninstallers do not.  The retry your install.  Download from Evernote.com too.  The Windows store package is slightly different.

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Thanks for the suggestion - I downloaded Revo and did as you suggested. After the normal uninstall ran, I deleted the left over registry entries that Revo identified. However, I did not delete the left over files as I did not want to wipe out all of my existing Evernote notes. I then tried re-installing the latest windows desktop version direct from Evernote and ran it. Unfortuately, same result, the application quickly hangs. Is there a way to identify which left over files can be delteted without losing existing content within Evernote??

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You shouldn't lose notes if you preserve the exb file, just copy it to a safe place.

In any case, you don't need to delete your Evernote files, just rename the following folders, that way you should get a clean install: 

C:\Program Files (x86)\Evernote

If that doesn't work, I would try Windows Safe Mode, though I am not entirely sure you can run an update (some programs don't work in Safe Mode), worth a try at least.

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2 hours ago, RandyHoll said:

Is there a way to identify which left over files can be delteted without losing existing content within Evernote??

Evernote defaults to backing up (syncing) the notes you create to the server online - your original notes should be available if you open a browser,  go to Evernote.com and sign in with your usual user details.  If all your notes are there,  you have nothing to worry about.

(There is an option to create Local Notebooks - which are not copied to the server - but it requires some effort to set up that sort of notebook,  and -I hope- you'd know if you had done it.)

Your issue is possibly caused by a corrupted database,  so we do need to replace it from the server if possible - @Don Dz is right - the way to make sure your notes are safe is to copy the EXB file for your database (<username>.exb) to your desktop.  Delete everything but that,  and when you uninstall / restart / reinstall a new copy of Evernote (from Evernote.com,  not the Windows store) you should see your database being recreated from the server.  If that goes OK (which it should) you can delete your copied EXB file.

Experienced users like me though do take steps to backup our database files somewhere local on a regular basis - just in case something bad happens.  Nothing has in 10 years,  but you never know... 

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