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  1. Deleting the local content did the trick! Thanks for all the help in getting my desktop Evernote back in working order!!
  2. Thanks for the suggestion - I downloaded Revo and did as you suggested. After the normal uninstall ran, I deleted the left over registry entries that Revo identified. However, I did not delete the left over files as I did not want to wipe out all of my existing Evernote notes. I then tried re-installing the latest windows desktop version direct from Evernote and ran it. Unfortuately, same result, the application quickly hangs. Is there a way to identify which left over files can be delteted without losing existing content within Evernote??
  3. I recently tried to update my Evernote version 14.x to the latest version on my Windows 10 desktop PC. Despite many trys, the result was alsways the same - the progress bar would get near the end and then say it was unable to install the upgrade. At that point, I decided to delete the old version and install a freshly downloaded current version, 6.20.2. The new version installed, but when I run the program, it immdeiately hangs, displaying the blue circle endlessly, until it eventually says that the program is not responding. I have tried rebooting the PC, deleting and reinstalling, even re-dowloading the installation software and re-installing the program, all to no avail. Any help in how to get this running is appreciated!!
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