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Using the latest version (and the previous, I think) of Evernote for Android I am experiencing a gradual bloating of database size to over 2.5GB after a few days, at which point I am forced to delete the app and reinstall, getting me a few more days of use. No offline notebooks in use, clearing cache doesn't really do anything . I would appreciate any suggestions, or a trustworthy source for earlier versions of the app that I might try.

Many thanks!

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That is kind of surprising. My Evernote data in Settings > Apps shows 583 MB, plus 737 KB in cache, so nothing approaching 2.5 GB. The thing is that Evernote doesn't download your entire note database (as you may know), but only enough information to download individual notes as you access them.  Since you're a Premium subscriber, it might be worth contacting Evernote support about this if it persists.

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