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  1. Using the latest version (and the previous, I think) of Evernote for Android I am experiencing a gradual bloating of database size to over 2.5GB after a few days, at which point I am forced to delete the app and reinstall, getting me a few more days of use. No offline notebooks in use, clearing cache doesn't really do anything . I would appreciate any suggestions, or a trustworthy source for earlier versions of the app that I might try. Many thanks!
  2. Hi, For several years now, whenever I have rebuilt my database from the servers I have noticed rather large file size discrepancies between the larger old (now backup) database and the new database. I haven't really noticed any data loss, but with databases of such size, going back so many years, it would be difficult to tell. I have raised tickets, asked questions etc before without ever really receiving a clear answer beyond vague talk of 'streamlining'. Now, once again I have rebuilt my database, and the old database stands at 11.5GB, with the new one at 3.1GB. Same laptop, I haven't used on-demand sync. Is it really plausible that these two databases essentially contain the same content? Many thanks
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