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  1. Using the latest version (and the previous, I think) of Evernote for Android I am experiencing a gradual bloating of database size to over 2.5GB after a few days, at which point I am forced to delete the app and reinstall, getting me a few more days of use. No offline notebooks in use, clearing cache doesn't really do anything . I would appreciate any suggestions, or a trustworthy source for earlier versions of the app that I might try. Many thanks!
  2. Hi, For several years now, whenever I have rebuilt my database from the servers I have noticed rather large file size discrepancies between the larger old (now backup) database and the new database. I haven't really noticed any data loss, but with databases of such size, going back so many years, it would be difficult to tell. I have raised tickets, asked questions etc before without ever really receiving a clear answer beyond vague talk of 'streamlining'. Now, once again I have rebuilt my database, and the old database stands at 11.5GB, with the new one at 3.1GB. Same laptop, I haven't used on-demand sync. Is it really plausible that these two databases essentially contain the same content? Many thanks
  3. Thanks Yeah, I had some offline notes, but I've migrated them to the new database and they would only amount to a few mb anyway.
  4. Hi, I've had to revert to Evernote for Windows 5.0.2 because of the syncing/start-up crash problems. I've rebuilt my database from the servers and the number of notes etc seem to tally with the old database, but the new database is 900mb smaller than the old (1/3 smaller). The support engineer I've been corresponding with says that rebuilt databases can vary in size and he thinks that I'm probably good to go, but he admits that is rather a large discrepancy. Has anyone else had a similar experience, or any advice for relatively quickly checking for any lost data before I commit fully to the new database? Many thanks!
  5. Thanks for the reply. I have offline notebooks for my laptop but not the lost phone. I've tended not to access many notes from my phone in general- rather using it to upload new notes that I make on the go when I get home. If notes that aren't accessed aren't downloaded to the phone's SD card then might that be a good future strategy for a paranoiac wanting to limit exposure in the event of lost devices? Encryption is next on my to-do list.... I'll use the search function, but if anybody could point me towards a good starting point (Truecrypt seems popular?) that would be helpful!
  6. Hi- Evernote novice here. Apologies for the laziness of this request, but I'm not having any luck with the search function and I haven't found any relevant stickied threads so perhaps somebody could point me in the right direction? It's a straightforward case of a lost Android phone. Is changing the Evernote password about all that can be done? I'm hoping that my phone-wiping app worked and I changed my password within an hour of losing the phone- is there anything else I should do to minimize the chance of access to my account. Am I correct in believing that some recently accessed notes are stored on the phone's SD card, but that most notes beyond a certain length would be inaccessible to anybody who managed to get through my phone's pin and onto the Evernote app? I assume that the applog files on my laptop only record activity that takes place from the laptop, so they wouldn't help in determining if my Evernote account was accessed from the phone during a certain timeframe? Is there any other way of determining that? Many thanks!
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