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Organise as Evernote

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22 hours ago, Samet Çiftçi said:

how can i organise again? or any ideas for new style?

The primary organization tool in Evernote is the Tag feature2052885251_ScreenShot2019-08-27at07_29_54.png.5fa38d8b6750423aa0dc62f6dd341318.png
It supports a parent/child  hierarchy with unlimited levels

>>i can't make that tree with evernote.

Notebook/Tag trees are displayed in the sidebar (Windows/Mac)

The Notebook tree is limited to two levels
The Tag tree has unlimited levels

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In general, use notebooks only to create some basic structure.

This can follow a traditional approach (Work / Private / Personal / ...), or a setup following GTD or a similar method.

Use few notebooks ! Typically you should be somewhere in between 10 and 30, depending on how much you share and how much you want local on your desktop or selectively offline on a mobile device. And beside creating stacks of related notebooks is possible, there is no real nesting for notebooks.

All the rest of organizing and structuring should be done using tags. There a hundred or more is quite normal, and nesting is possible. When you (re-) search a little, there are interesting setups on how to organize your tags. One advantage of tags is that they are multidimensional. If a piece of information is related to several categories, just add more tags. An invoice can be tagged with the year, invoices, tax, warranty, project #, client name etc. all at the same time. By this meaning a tag is like a virtual notebook, if this helps to imagine how to use them.


This is the basic organizational scheme with EN. Move along with it, and you have a mighty tool to organize and find information. Go against ist, and you end up here in the forum requesting „notebook-nesting“ and „put a note into more than one notebook“. If you feel you would need one of these 2 things, you should rethink your basic organisation, or move on to another tool.

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