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How To Edit Title In Gmail Clipper

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I cannot figure out how to edit the note title when using the Gmail clipper. I can edit tags and the destination notebook, but don't see a field to edit the title. The attached image is my Gmail clipper UI. 

This is my first post, so I apologize if I chose the wrong discussion.


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Hi.  If you're using a desktop,  it's possible to use the normal browser clipper and edit details.  The Gmail clipper is a little more basic.  As you're a subscriber it's also possible to forward your emails manually* to your Evernote address when you can play with notebooks / tags / reminders as required,  and append emails to existing notes.

* You can also set up a forwarding filter,  but that can't change the subject line of emails.

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I used to use the regular browser clipper on Gmail, but it hasn't worked for me for awhile, and from some basic browsing it appears that other people have had similar problems. @gazumped, manual forwarding is probably the way to go. That's frustrating, though, that you can edit tags, notes, and destination notebook, but not note title.

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4 hours ago, dave821319 said:

manual forwarding is probably the way to go

I'm currently trying to set up something using Gmail filters and Filterize's features to allocate an email address to each notebook in my account.  The forwarding,  I have to say,  is not going well as yet.  @CalS pointed out that there's another third-party feature in Phrase Express,  which can carry out pre-programmed operations and which could (theoretically) forward selected emails with a keypress.  Some of that may be helpful...

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