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Hi.  There are any number of apps that will record continuously for as long as the storage lasts and as long as the device is still powered.  Many of them save to MP3 or similar formats which can be attached to an Evernote note and played anywhere a device has the software to process them.  I can also use Evernote separately to take notes or look up references without being concerned that I'm affecting the recording.

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I agree with @gazumped, Evernote isn't really meant for long recordings, use a 3rd party app for that.

HOWEVER: Evernote considers it a feature that when you are viewing/editing a note, Evernote overrides your device settings to keep the screen on. In this case, to be consistent, Evernote should logically keep the screen on when you are using Evernote to record sound, speech-to-text, etc.

I think Evernote should not override my device settings! But if they're going to, they should do so consistently.

cc: @Ian Small

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