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Downplay the share button

Scott Souchock


I get it people like to share. And on occasion I need to and want to as well. But why does it have to be green? Why can't it be gray? Or without a box at all? I don't typically share my notes. My work and workflow is not now I use Evernote. So why do I have to have a big green pimple on my interface? Yeah, I get it about branding but it's a distraction. Just like the red dots on icons in the tool bar or the blue pimple's that (evil) Adobe is using as well. So, Evernote, take a re-think, take a different path. You're doing great things and I'm excited about what I'm seeing, but if you're going to keep the big, obnoxious Share button, how about at least giving users an option to make it gray, more demure, less "get the ___k over here and hit me ___n it." Give some respect to your user's and their attention span. The most important thing is functionality and the notes. Make it easier on my eyes, our eyes. Thanks.

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I agree all of us don't need the BIG SHARE button.  My preference would be to provide us with a completely user-configurable toolbar.  So each person could decide what to show on the toolbar, and what to put behind the meatball "Show More" button.

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Third this. The green share button is not wanted. I have just updated to the latest version and next to losing all of my notes in the app, the green share button is really bugging me.  I've now seen 3/4 threads asking for the removal of this button. There will be many more gritting their teeth and trying to ignore it. 

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