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  1. I've been trying to import Evernote files into Notion, however, the import tool only shows up one out of the five stacks I have organised within Evernote. Does anyone know what might be the issue here? Logic says that given it is Evernote allowing access to Notion, this is an Evernote issue.
  2. Ok, yep. Some sort of applescript. I think I might need to rethink the whole process and try another method of getting there. It's likely best to extract at the point of setting the tag and thus omit the search step out of the equation. As in tagging #1/#2 etc. Then highlighting associated text + set keystroke commands sends all highlighted text to Note #1/#2 etc accordingly.. On completion of my review I can then simply go to that note and further work with what I have.
  3. Hi, I've gone through a long set of notes and tagged these notes according to 5 categories. What I will next do is group all of these tagged notes into their particular tag designation. The aim is end up with 5 different documents according to their respective tags. To extract these bulk search results, I'm going back and forth copy/pasting, then resetting my search to again copy/paste, in an endless round. Ideally, I'd like to avoid this to and fro and have each of my searches automatically collated /delivered as one note. I realize a bulk extract of this nature has issues - e.g. how would Evernote know how much accompanying text to extract for each individual search result? Perhaps, if it were possible to set a range/domain associated with the search term. Can anyone suggest a way of achieving my desired outcome? All suggestions welcome.
  4. That's still happening. I will chase it up. Thanks for the link 👍
  5. There is one account to rule them all. The issue would seem to be that the two sides—web and desktop—are not engaging, so that existing web files sync automatically to the desktop app. This has been established. However, if I go into the web app and use a note then it will install itself in the desktop app. Perhaps the answer is staring me in the face: engage with every single one of my notes to thereby reinstall the desktop app of my new, upgraded and improved Evernote.
  6. It seems to be the one account. The logins are the same for the web and desktop accounts and any new notes created in the desktop app also show up in the web app, alongside all my previously existing notes. The converse is not true, none of the previous notes that currently exist in their entirety in the web app are evident in the new version of the desktop app. The web and desktop app are talking directly to each other. Unfortunately it's a one way conversation. And Evernote help is just as dysfunctional. Although already logged in, I am directed to login to access support. When I do so I am logged out! This has continued for the last 24 hrs. A recent development has been the appearance of a page telling me that there are issues and that support service is not currently available. This page, however, only appeared once and is no longer viewable. Instead, I am back to being simply logged out of Evernote.
  7. I have taken the plunge and updated to the latest version. And voila, just like that all my notes are completely absent from the desktop app. I can access them via the android app or the web but not via the Mac desktop app. I have gone through the process of uninstalling, deleting the evernote folders from my hard drive, doing a restart and then reinstalling. This process has had no result. Curiously enough, I had access the first couple of times I tried and then the notes all went. And when I add a new note via the web it appears in my desktop app. It seems, however, that something has gone askew between Evernote servers—which contain all the notes in my 'old' account—and the newly upgraded desktop app. Very unimpressed, that, instead of getting on with work, I am having to trouble-shoot. I'd really like the problem solved and an explanation of how this can happen. I expect better. I can accept the faffing around involved, however, I would like to know why it is happening. (and Evernote, remove the green share button, please)
  8. Third this. The green share button is not wanted. I have just updated to the latest version and next to losing all of my notes in the app, the green share button is really bugging me. I've now seen 3/4 threads asking for the removal of this button. There will be many more gritting their teeth and trying to ignore it.
  9. I'm not a Safari user - Chrome or Firefox. Sounds like I should take the plunge and update.
  10. Thanks for the advice PinkElephant. Getting the program from the Evernote website sounds good advice, but no web clipper is a deal breaker! I'm surprised you seem so blase about it. The web clipper is the beating heart of Evernote's functionality for me.
  11. Spotlight crashing regularly isn't good, but you're sounding generally positive so that's encouraging. I'm almost convinced! Thanks.
  12. Hi, I'd like to update to the latest version of Evernote. My current version 6.12.3 works well enough with the odd issue appearing but nothing too major. I'd like to upgrade, however, I'm concerned the upgrade will have me worse off. I'd really like to avoid having to uninstall, reinstall, or have to manually remove Evernote files buried in my local hard drive, or any of the other issues I read upgrades requiring. Any advice? Reasons and examples will persuade. Should I just suck up potential pain for the benefits update will offer? Or should I stay where I am if my experience is working for me? Thanks for any help.
  13. I'd like to note that I have issues with all that is mentioned here. At times Evernote will try to sync every two or three key strokes. I am not a particularly fast typer but I am forced to wait for it to catch up with my key strokes. This wasn't an issue previously. And it isn't an issue with any other service or app I am using. I prefer the older simple tables. For example, my attempts to create a single table for emphasis now result in text being cut off and having to scroll sideways. Clumsy and a waste of time. And I, too, prefer the previous format for notebooks. Why not offer the option of both?
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