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  1. Yes, Lose the Share button. Or let me toggle it off. If you're about empowering your users then empower them. Part of the reason I have not updated my app — and am actively looking at replacements — is because the honking big and green Share button is there! I've got enough in my life to deal with without the additional visual schmutz of that big green Share button. It's as bad as all of the endless notifications and pestering that software is generating for users now. I DO NOT NEED THIS FUNCTIONALITY so empower me and let me turn it off. If you care about your users, your customers that enable your job, you should give allow us to turn this function off. Show some respect for once.
  2. I get it people like to share. And on occasion I need to and want to as well. But why does it have to be green? Why can't it be gray? Or without a box at all? I don't typically share my notes. My work and workflow is not now I use Evernote. So why do I have to have a big green pimple on my interface? Yeah, I get it about branding but it's a distraction. Just like the red dots on icons in the tool bar or the blue pimple's that (evil) Adobe is using as well. So, Evernote, take a re-think, take a different path. You're doing great things and I'm excited about what I'm seeing, but if you're going to keep the big, obnoxious Share button, how about at least giving users an option to make it gray, more demure, less "get the ___k over here and hit me ___n it." Give some respect to your user's and their attention span. The most important thing is functionality and the notes. Make it easier on my eyes, our eyes. Thanks.
  3. Yes, I know it works there but that doesn't make sense. It should work in both places. There should be no distinction. And it's under the Note menu and if I select it from the menu the note is deleted. It's a bug. I should be able to use a keyboard shortcut for something as basic as this no matter where I am on the interface.
  4. Command + Delete executed when in the note title or in the note body does not delete the note! It should. WTF Evernote? I've got work to do and you're making more work for me with your insensitive and ill-executed changes. Fix this please. ASAP. As well as bring back the delete button and gray the Share button (which is also ugly).
  5. Thanks, everyone for your posts. As well. Here is a screen shot of the eff-ed up design that Evernote engineers have thrust upon us. Life was much better with an information icon and a delete icon. Alas I don't have a screenshot of that one because the software updated. I don't care about the Share button in my workflow. And why is it/does it have to be green? I would like to see icons be in notes tool bar to be customized by the users for how they work.
  6. Well said! I could not agree more. We, as users, as customers!, need to be loud and obnoxious to sure our needs are being heard and acted upon.
  7. Thanks. I suspected as much. Are any of the competitors any better? Maybe it's time to find a new way of working.
  8. I know that teams and collaboration are all the rage. That's great for people who need that. I don't as a solopreneur. So I find the prominent Share button on notes now not only a distraction but an unnecessary item. But beside that egregious choice made by Evernote, the greater problem is that with the dot-dot-dot menu you've made Evernote harder to use and me less productive. Now I have to click and look up a menu item to do my function when the functions that I most used, delete a note, require more effort than they did before and should. You made an interface change probably because some designer thought it looked cool and cleaned up the interface a bit but you have sacrificed usability. Shame. Bring back the delete button. It's a simple icon. Or, alternatively, create a tool bar that allows me to customize it and put the features that I want on it that work best for me and my workflow. Evernote has your own ideas of how the workflow and interface should be but it does not work for all of your users, so your approach should be to empower users. Give me the flexibility to make it work the way I want and need.
  9. I opened a ticket this morning. The new 6.11 release breaks my ability to forward email or use Postbox (as I often do) to put things into Evernote. Anyone got any suggestions on how to fix this or when it will be fixed? Thanks!
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