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I have logged into Evernote as usual and ALL but one note have completely disappeared.  They are not in trash, nor on the Evernote web page or in that trash either.  I have logged out and logged back in and tried on my phone & the app but they seem completely gone. 


Does anyone have suggestions or had this happen to them?  Trying not to panic!

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Normally when something like this happens it is because by accident you have created a second account. This can happen easily.

No need to panic, your notes will be there, but in another place than the one you are currently looking at.

Please check this first.

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this happened to me twice!  I'm a new user, hit a key on the web version by mistake and watched all notes disappear.  I quickly went to my phone and took screenshots of my most recent notes before they began to disappear as well.  Logged off and everything reappeared so I've decided not to panic should it happen again.....  

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On 7/23/2019 at 9:12 PM, Safir559 said:

Logged off and everything reappeared

Hi.  If you logged off,  how do you know your notes reappeared?  There aren't any keystrokes (AFAIK) that can bulk delete notes or notebooks,  and in any event you'd find the 'deleted' notes in the Trash notebook,  from where they can be restored.  To avoid stress however,  if you know what key you hit to start all this... don't hit it again!

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