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    Tags 101

    Thank you eveyone starting with DTLow. I realize that I had been trying to create tag hierarchies on Evernote web and that is why i wasn't getting anywhere. Everyone else, your comments are so helpful. I've only been tagging for a few weeks and I am going to start over now based on your experience and comments. Thanks again.
  2. Safir559

    Tags 101

    I'm new to Evernote and the use of tags as my dominant organizing tool. How do I set up tag hierarchies or parent tags? Most conversations I've read that involve tags have been over my head! Oh and I am an IOS device and Mac user if that makes a difference. Thank you!
  3. this happened to me twice! I'm a new user, hit a key on the web version by mistake and watched all notes disappear. I quickly went to my phone and took screenshots of my most recent notes before they began to disappear as well. Logged off and everything reappeared so I've decided not to panic should it happen again.....
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