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Keep in Evernote or native on Mac

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11 minutes ago, qwest4truth said:

Any reason to not keep it strictly in Evernote, in ya'lls opinions?

We don't have an option if we use the Mac client software; a full data copy is maintained on the Mac.

We could just use the Web platform, but I prefer the Mac platform

  • A full set of features. 
  • Offline access
  • Scripting via applescript
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The options are these:

Desktop versions: Always EN-Cloud AND Local
Exception: Notebooks declared as local will not copy to the cloud.

Mobile versions: Always Cloud only, in the mobile app only preview/headers. Notes will load when requested (one only)
Exception: Notebooks declared as "Offline" will be downloaded to be available when without internet connection

Wrap up: When using as desktop client, there is no way working around the local database.


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16 minutes ago, qwest4truth said:

I am also keeping the same date in folders directly on my hard drive - AS WELL as what is in the Evernote database.  Am I doing double work, or is that extra "back-up" step something others of you do?

I would not advise keeping the same data in folders outside of Evernote.  The data will get out of sync and you won't know which is valid.

I import all data into Evernote, but you could use hyperlinks in your notes.  
This way, you only have one copy of the data.
I prefer import over hyperlinks

  • no concern about where to file the data (folder/subfolder/...)
  • no extra concerns about backups

Backups are a different discussion.  I actually have a full backup in html format; it's refreshed weekly. 

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Basically this is why EN is so secure for your valuable data, when on one of the desktop clients:

The data always exists in 2 copies, one on your drive, one on EN cloud servers. The sync keeps these 2 copies parallel within minutes. If you run a local backup (as anybody should), you can easily fulfill the golden 3-2-1-rule of backing data up, at least for everything in EN:

- Keep 3 copies

- Backup to 2 different media (Disk, Cloud)

- 1 of them in another place (Cloud)

If you save your Mac with TimeMachine to a disk or NAS, the EN database will be in there (if not excluded), which is a local copy. And the EN database in the cloud serves as the remote backup.

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