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Taking photos landscape, when I hit save the photos are missing

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Hi. I can confirm that landscape works fine - except when I switch to Dark Mode,  when the camera won't load at all...  I got Camera Error - try restarting your device.  Did that,  and I can take a picture.. but it doesn't appear as a note.  Looks like something in Dark Theme breaks the camera.  I'll report it to Support so they can look into it a find a fix. 

Ticket #2778255 applies - if you have camera issues with a recent Evernote for Android version,  please submit your reports by email (subscribers) or Twitter (anyone).

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Hi. I have been experiencing this missing photos bug for a long time. After reading your posts, now I tried and realized this missing photos only happen with landscape shots(10 out of 10 photos will be lost). With portrait shots photos won't disappear at all. Before that I wasn't aware of that. This is really anoying...I am thinking of cancel my subscription. I think this issue is present for more the one year, and Evernote hadn't resolved that since then.

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Hi All,

Thank you for reaching out!

I wanted to let you know that we are aware of the issue, and are currently working to address it.

I'll follow up here once I have more information, but feel free to reach out to me directly if you have any other questions!

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I'm experiencing the same issue for a long time - I can confirm that landscape mode has an issue. Furthermore, if I try to add a photo to an existing note, then all the previous content of the note will disappear (text, photos, everything). And what's gone is gone - at least I couldn't undo it so some of my earlier notes were gone just because I wanted to add a new photo to them :( 

I love the smart camera tool, when it's working properly.  This bug creates lack of trust in me for the whole tool.

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This definitely needs to be improved, bu here's my workaround:

  • If I take a photo in portrait, KEEP phone in-hand as portrait until you save the note
  • If I take a photo in landscape, KEEP phone in-hand as landscape until you save the note.

I noticed that if I take a picture, then rotate BEFORE saving the note, it won't save the picture(s)!   <--- This needs to be fixed

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