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  1. I've used Evernote since the beginning. I started paying premium street a couple years. I've had a Synology NAS since 2012. The new Note Station is pretty amazing! AND there's a *DIRECT IMPORT* from Evernote to Synology. Oh, and Note Station it's "free", "unlimited"storage, and you can have as many users as you want for no cost. Is it perfect? No. Is it for everyone? No. But it's darn good replacement that fits my workflow. If you have a Synology, you NEED to at least try it! Sorry Evernote, but I doubt I'll be back.
  2. This definitely needs to be improved, bu here's my workaround: If I take a photo in portrait, KEEP phone in-hand as portrait until you save the note If I take a photo in landscape, KEEP phone in-hand as landscape until you save the note. I noticed that if I take a picture, then rotate BEFORE saving the note, it won't save the picture(s)! <--- This needs to be fixed
  3. I had this problem. I fixed it in Android app -> Settings -> Search and Storage -> clear local search history & clear cache. I tried clearing cache/storage from Android -> Apps -> Evernote, but this did not seem to work (not sure why).
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