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Evernote support is pathetic

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A few days ago I updated to 6.17.5   

Yesterday (MLK day) I couldn't open Evernote after rebooting. I submitted a ticket. Today I got a response that made no sense.

First I was asked if I could update by going to Help > Check for Updates. How could I do this if I couldn't open Evernote?

Then I was asked to download the update using this link: https://evernote.com/download/  "Denny" never said to execute the downloaded exe file... just download it. Don't they know that just downloading a file will NOT actually accomplish anything?

Then "Denny" wanted me to do "Windows + R"; then type "Control Panel" ; Select Uninstall a Program which isn't shown. I went to this a different way and it shows the same version as the Download operation sent.

I responded pointing out all that and never got a response. 

Then I opened a chat window and Tiana "helped" me... 

First it took her 10 minutes to find the ticket... not a typo... TEN minutes... when I asked why it is taking so long, she said it is because she didn't have the ticket number... Why didn't she ask me for it which I had from Denny's email?  Why is their search operation so bad? Then she sent me a link for an older version... when I asked why, she said, "I clicked on the '5'. I don't know why it is downloading '4'.  It should have been 6.17.5. One second. I don't know why it's sending the old one.

AND THEN: I don't know if the technical team who created this direct link made a glitch, however; since you're missing the msi file we will need you to directly download Evernote using the link I provided. This should allow the confusion and the issue to be resolved. 



*** How can I trust a tech company who has such abysmal "tech" support? ***

++++  I depend on Evernote... BIG MISTAKE!  ++++

++++ I pay for premium Evernote... BIG MISTAKE!  ++++

Gonna have another look at One Note as much as I dislike Microsoft software... Anyone know of a conversion program?

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Only thing I know of is saving all your notes as HTML but you have to be able to open it to do that. An option would be to use a friend's computer to open Evernote because you cannot do it on the web version.

  1. Make sure you have a thumb drive or something to save your files onto.
  2. Create a new folder on your thumb drive or whatever you're using and label it Evernote or something signifying that it's your Evernote notes.
  3. Once you get evernote open, select 'All Notes' on the left side menu panel. (Go to View on the menu bar and make sure Left Panel and Note List is checked)
  4. On the Note List, go to the three dots menu (...) and it should give an Export Notes option. Click that.
  5. When the little window opens, make sure that 'Export as multiple Web Pages (.html)' is selected.
  6. Click 'Options' and select all the information you want included with your notes in the window that pops up. Click OK, that window will close. Then click 'Export'
  7. Another window will pop up asking you to select a folder. Select the folder you created in step 2 and click OK.
  8. Close evernote and go to the folder you just saved everything in. 
  9. Look for the file 'Evernote_index.html' and make sure it opens in the browser you want (right click and select 'open with' if you need to)
  10. When you open that file, it should say 'Table of Contents' and list all your notes. It should have all the images and such that you had in your notes.
  11. To find a specific note, ctrl+f and type in the title of your note and it will highlight the link

You can also open the html files directly from your folder. I know it's not a direct conversion but evernote doesn't have one as far as I know. I hope this helps.

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Hi.  On the assumption that you have been syncing your notes with Evernote's server,  you should be able to get immediate access to them by signing in via Evernote.com in a browser.  If you uninstall the current version of the app and reinstall it - or your previous version - you should be able to get back to your existing notes.  Worst case,  and provided that you have not set up any 'local notebooks' it should also be possible to uninstall Evernote and all related notes and files with something like "App Cleaner & Uninstaller" and then re-download one or other version and rebuild the database completely from the server.


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16 hours ago, sgarcata said:

Gonna have another look at One Note as much as I dislike Microsoft software... Anyone know of a conversion program?

I like and use plenty of Microsoft software, but the last time I tried OneNote's inbuilt Evernote import facility, it was an unmitigated disaster. Maybe it's changed; you should check it out.

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