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  1. Using that excuse, Evernote could just never add new things to improve the usability and experience of their product. Which, of course, would be absolutely ridiculous and poor practice. Why would they ask for and create a way for users to request features if they never planned on using that data for future updates? Kind of pointless. Having a word count for selected text would be very helpful for all sorts of reasons and I hope they add it soon.
  2. I just updated to and now I cannot scroll using my touchpad anywhere in Evernote desktop. I can scroll everywhere else on my laptop just fine, my touchpad works absolutely fine and I have not made any modifications to it whatsoever. I have already gone into options on the desktop app and there is nothing about touchpads that I saw. I am not allowed to submit a ticket because Evernote only lets people who give them money do that. When I try to use the contact form, it tells me to submit a ticket. Very useless. As of yet, I haven't seen anything about the touchpad issue with this version on the forums so I am posting this new topic. If anyone knows what is going on and how to fix it, please advise. If this is just another bug that Evernote doesn't care about, please let me know that as well. Thanks!
  3. Only thing I know of is saving all your notes as HTML but you have to be able to open it to do that. An option would be to use a friend's computer to open Evernote because you cannot do it on the web version. Make sure you have a thumb drive or something to save your files onto. Create a new folder on your thumb drive or whatever you're using and label it Evernote or something signifying that it's your Evernote notes. Once you get evernote open, select 'All Notes' on the left side menu panel. (Go to View on the menu bar and make sure Left Panel and Note List is checked) On the Note List, go to the three dots menu (...) and it should give an Export Notes option. Click that. When the little window opens, make sure that 'Export as multiple Web Pages (.html)' is selected. Click 'Options' and select all the information you want included with your notes in the window that pops up. Click OK, that window will close. Then click 'Export' Another window will pop up asking you to select a folder. Select the folder you created in step 2 and click OK. Close evernote and go to the folder you just saved everything in. Look for the file 'Evernote_index.html' and make sure it opens in the browser you want (right click and select 'open with' if you need to) When you open that file, it should say 'Table of Contents' and list all your notes. It should have all the images and such that you had in your notes. To find a specific note, ctrl+f and type in the title of your note and it will highlight the link You can also open the html files directly from your folder. I know it's not a direct conversion but evernote doesn't have one as far as I know. I hope this helps.
  4. Why are we being automatically shunted to the beta version if it has these kinds of huge problems? Missing over one hundred notes is a pretty huge problem. What a disappointing waste of my time. Switching to the old version got me most of my notes, but there are still two missing. I have my desktop client open right now next to the browser window - resynced and webpage refreshed. Missing two notes in the browser interface.
  5. Basically what the title says. I have over one hundred notes on my desktop application but only seventeen show up in the browser interface. Everything is synced, I've restarted my device, and am using the same account on both. The notes all show up on my two devices, just not in the browser. Is the browser interface just not finished? There are so many things you can't do in the browser that makes it pointless to use. Is the point of this to encourage us to use devices?
  6. The people I share notebooks with cannot see the items I share with them; notes or notebooks. Two different people I share notes/notebooks with have the same issue. The shared notes/books cannot be seen in their device apps or their web client. Yes, I've synced and so have they - multiple times. Yes, they both have been given proper permissions - I know how to read prompts and instructions. No, there is nothing but text in each note - no images, links, or files attached. No, there are no firewalls - we were on the same network at my home. Yes, this problem has been going on for more than a few months. From my experience trying to find a solution to this problem, I have found that it is a really widespread issue for both free and paid accounts on all types of machines. I would think that this problem would be a priority to remedy, but I'm not seeing anywhere I look for help that it is - I've even seen moderators be snotty about it, which was quite surprising. Fixing this would truly be a help, both for users and Evernote as a platform.
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