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Hello, i accidently deleted a note from my trash, and i REALLY want it back! 
Is there any way i can do this? 

I bought premium AFTER i deleted the file, i thoght i could find it in note history, but it aint there. 

Please help

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Hi.  Once a note has been purged from the trash AFAIK it's totally gone - Evernote's servers will already have saved the latest version of your database without that note in their latest system backup,  and any history for the note is purged when it is deleted.  There's an outside chance that if you can find a device with a copy of your database that hasn't yet synced to update its files,  you could keep it offline and rescue the content,  and if you're a Mac user,  there was some talk of a 'Purgatory' folder on your local hard drive which might still have a last,  remaining copy of a deleted note.  I don't know whether that still applies.

A lot of us keep regular local backups of our system,  or at least the Evernote database files,  in case of just such a 'Doh!' moment.  I use Backupery daily on my database and also keep a weekly system backup so I have two local copies! 

Sorry not to have better news.

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4 hours ago, Marco Baccolo said:

I use Evernote Premium with Mac and I weekly Backup with Time Machine. I have Lost one note, I think purge on the trash.Can I recover ?

You can use your Time Machine backup to roll back your database on your Mac.

  1. Make sure you turn off the internet connection.  
    Your Mac data is just a copy; the master version is stored on the Evernote servers.  
    With an internet connection, the automatic syncing will undo your database rollback.
  2. Find your lost note, and save it somewhere (export)
  3. Restore your database
  4. Restore the internet connection
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20 minutes ago, Marco Baccolo said:

How can I find the note in Timemachine Backup ?

I don't think you can work directly with the data in TimeMachine
Pick a date > recover the database > find the note using the Evernote app

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