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How to get an ID number off picture


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I took a picture of my health insurance card and it has a 25 digit number.  Before I switched to evernote (from google keep), I could say "grab text" and it would just insert the numbers and letters, basically unformatted into my note (exactly what I want). How can I do that with my paid evernote app?

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2 hours ago, CalS said:

You can copy pasted from a PDF appearing in the note window but not from an image.  PITA, but I have converted some .jpg's to PDF for just this reason.

Same issue though; you have to externally OCR the pdf.
I also prefer pdf format.  The pdf benefit is the ocr text is stored within the pdf file in an overlay layer.
To retain as an image, the ocr text is stored as a separate text file.

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On 12/17/2018 at 8:43 PM, CalS said:

Never met a PDF I didn’t OCR!  😄

Most of my pdf's are not ocr'd.  
I'd turn it on if available, but I use Evernote's Scannable app (IOS) and a cheap flatbed scanner with no OCR function.  
And image attachments don't support an ocr layer.

So I'm satisfied using Evernote's OCR Search indexing feature.
On the rare occasion I need access to OCR text, I run the attachment through the OCR app.
After the Evernote Apocalypse, I'll do a batch OCR process.

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