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  1. I’m looking for a quick way to save a web page. What is the fastest? Usually it does not fit on a page so screen grabs are not sufficient. I don’t know how to easily do a web archive (or really what that is assuming it isn’t launching a crawler and syncing all the web assets)
  2. Often, when I "clip" or save a web page, the html makes the page look bad. Hard to see because there are lots of overlapping parts of the page on top of each other (like left and right gutters). However, if I print that page as a pdf, then drag that pdf into evernote, it looks great. Is there anyway to have that done automatically? If not, is there a better way to capture web pages so that if I'm offline, or the page changes later, I still have a good experience?
  3. Thanks @DTLow, I assume there is no integration? If I have to launch another program to get one number off of an image, I might as well just type it. +1 for google I guess.
  4. I took a picture of my health insurance card and it has a 25 digit number. Before I switched to evernote (from google keep), I could say "grab text" and it would just insert the numbers and letters, basically unformatted into my note (exactly what I want). How can I do that with my paid evernote app?
  5. I'd really appreciate if you could upload or point at how you do that. I'm not very good at excel.
  6. Is there an automated way to pull from the title a special formatted dollar amount? Like, something like look for dollar sign, than grab that up until first white space, then format into a report with title, date and dollar amount (that I can download to excel). Trying to avoid having to do double entry
  7. I've created a folder called "Home Depreciation Expenses" and I want to put individual notes in that folder that each have a total amount associated with them. I then want to be able generate a report that totals all these along with a description (title) of each one. How to do that?
  8. I have a paid account and I would like to import from Google Keep.
  9. I recently signed up for premium (paid). on the contact page, there is no way to contact evernote. the chat comes up with no way to type in the dialog. Please let me know how I create a support request.
  10. I've been using Google Keep now for about 6 months and just have been devastated to find out that it limits you to 50 labels. I need to switch and I hear a lot of great things about Evernote. Anyway to import several hundred Google Keep Notes automatically into Evernote? Is there a better place to ask this question?
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