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Request- Robust checklist features



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Hi.  I tend to use the multi-platform Workflowy for all my listing tasks - it's pretty much best in class - but I don't think they cracked the sorting issue yet.  (Done items just disappear.) 

It's good that its possible to embed a note link into Workflowy,  and an item link into Evernote for jumping around when necessary.  As usual,  I'd rather Evernote concentrated on stomping bugs and improving their performance stats rather than adding another level of complexity to their note editor.. but it's their decision.

Always better in my general view to use software that does an excellent job in a particular area,  rather than look to have one Swiss Army Knife that does lots - but not that well...


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As per @gazumped, I wouldn't rely on the Evernote editor for "Robust Checklist Features"
It's a generic note editing tool, and Evernote has not indicated an interest in focussing on checklist features.

I recommend you look at dedicated list apps; there's a huge selection to chose from.

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