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Request: clipped ebay page shows product as thumbnail.

Catherine dee Auvil


I'm trying to do work in different areas of history and if I could just have the historical item that I see on eBay be the thumbnail when I clip the auction page to Evernote that would be so great! I could just scroll down and see all the different items by their thumbnails - but I can't right now because all I see is the ebay icon as the thumbnail for everything. I have tried clipping in the different versions - simplified, etc. But no go. And I would go in and delete the ebay icon from each page if that would help but I can't even find it. thanks for reading this


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Hmmn.  Interesting...  Just tried clipping a random item from Ebay in the various options you've obviously tried.  A bookmark actually gives you a link to the page and a picture (on the few examples I used) of the actual item in Snippet view.

Here's a representative note,  and the picture is what you see in the thumbnail.  (Ignore the content,  it's purely random!)


Your use case seems a little narrow for Evernote to spend development time and cash specialising the clipper (in multiple browsers) for this activity - but lets see how many others support your suggestion.

If you can handle the bookmark layout until more happens on this,  it may be a viable work-around.  If not,  maybe one of the other (many) page-clipper browser extensions may help?  I use Nimbus Screenshot when Clipper doesn't get the content I need.

Pro and con - you'll see exactly what images are present,  and the screenshot image content will be OCR'd... but other links on the page won't be clickable.



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What I mean is the thumbnail in the note list. If it could just have a thumbnail of the product and not the eBay logo  it would be so helpful. Then I could just scroll down and see what photograph the clip is for instead of just seeing the title "photo of Abraham Lincoln". There are so many photos of Abraham Lincoln. I research the history of photography for a book I am writing and eBay is a great resource. But difficult if I can't have the thumbnail I need in note list (the middle window in my view of Evernote desktop version)

I'm not the only one who would benefit from this - that's why I bring this up. I want Evernote to be the best and there are many researchers like me who could use this. I think Web clipper also has a specialized clipper category for Youtube videos. So my request is not too far out there. I hope.

If anyone has a workaround I would appreciate it. I have tried deleting images on a page to get the right image to be the thumbnail but that's a pain. Especially when you may clip 100 pages a week.

I will look into Nimbus, thanks!

Here is a picture to show what I am talking about

*Folder is for Presidents and candidates, yes I know Bryan didn't win. lol

Also, I need the whole eBay page because it has a lot of information about the photo for sale that a screenshot wouldn't get.

Screenshot 2018-12-16 18.40.48.png

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11 minutes ago, Catherine dee Auvil said:

What I mean is the thumbnail in the note list. If it could just have a thumbnail of the product and not the eBay logo  it would be so helpful. 

Is this another request for selecting the thumbnail in snippet view?

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OK, I see now that saving as bookmark in Webclipper lets you see the product as a thumbnail in note list. Great! Only problem is eBay does not save listings for very long so the book mark would be useless to retrieve more information about the photograph.

I did find a workaround that is saving the clip in full page mode and then saving in bookmark mode and then going in to Evernote desktop version and merging the 2 notes - this saves the photo as a thumbnail. But so many steps. It would be so much easier if I could just save the page and have the largest image be the thumbnail.

@DTLow What do you mean by snippet view?



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