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  1. OK, I see now that saving as bookmark in Webclipper lets you see the product as a thumbnail in note list. Great! Only problem is eBay does not save listings for very long so the book mark would be useless to retrieve more information about the photograph. I did find a workaround that is saving the clip in full page mode and then saving in bookmark mode and then going in to Evernote desktop version and merging the 2 notes - this saves the photo as a thumbnail. But so many steps. It would be so much easier if I could just save the page and have the largest image be the thumbnail. @DTLo
  2. What I mean is the thumbnail in the note list. If it could just have a thumbnail of the product and not the eBay logo it would be so helpful. Then I could just scroll down and see what photograph the clip is for instead of just seeing the title "photo of Abraham Lincoln". There are so many photos of Abraham Lincoln. I research the history of photography for a book I am writing and eBay is a great resource. But difficult if I can't have the thumbnail I need in note list (the middle window in my view of Evernote desktop version) I'm not the only one who would benefit from this - that's why
  3. I'm trying to do work in different areas of history and if I could just have the historical item that I see on eBay be the thumbnail when I clip the auction page to Evernote that would be so great! I could just scroll down and see all the different items by their thumbnails - but I can't right now because all I see is the ebay icon as the thumbnail for everything. I have tried clipping in the different versions - simplified, etc. But no go. And I would go in and delete the ebay icon from each page if that would help but I can't even find it. thanks for reading this Catherine
  4. Here is the official "How to Back Up" page of Evernote's Help & Learning section. It doesn't really say that your notes will be taken out of their notebook. It says (about exporting) "Note that this will, in effect, compile all of your notes (including images, attached files, etc.) into one big file..." I don't think a lot of people understand that means your note loses any information about the notebook it was in. That's why I asked here - I asked the question at the Evernote Genealogy Facebook group (4,890 members) and no one knew. DTLow clarified this for me, thanks. Exporting doe
  5. I did one back up years ago and when I checked on it I did see that the notes were taken out of notebooks and everything was in one folder. If I am remembering right, it was a long time ago. Then I read about this on Simplify Days blog. (this is a great blog!) Barbara wrote something like "notes will not be saved in their notebook so if you do this you will have to move each note into it's original notebook". I can't give the exact quote because her blog is transitioning to a new platform and I couldn't find the page. But I think Barbara back's up what I am saying. Then I went to test it
  6. Oops I just went through a test to see how responsive pre-tags were when I use Evernote on my desktop. For example, when I open a note, how responsive is the autofill? Everything went fine till I got to %. It didn't autofill any %tags. So I won't be using %. Because I depend on the autofill to save time. % works in the Web Clipper.
  7. Jefito - the advantage is when you are typing in a new tag, if you have pre-tag characters just a few options will pop up to choose from rather than 100. And it does work for me to have some kind of order to my tags. CalS - thank you, that is helpful. rezecib - I like % for status - I'm going to use that. One of the reasons I am asking about other people's systems is that I think I would like to set up new Evernote Systems for people. Pre-populated with most of the tags you would be using. For example, A person in the United States could have a system already set up with tags f
  8. I use webclipper A LOT and it is pretty slow if I change the folder I want the note to go into so I just keep it at "INBOX", I add, usually, one tag and save. Then, I usually search the inbox by tag if I want to see something again. This is faster than scrolling down my tag list because it is very long now and the scrolling is not that reliable (very slow to use the mouse "wheel", what is that thing called? and moving down with the mouse pointer always goes off track and I have to start over several times.) For the title of a book or magazine I think I am going to put that, instead o
  9. I am really close to perfecting my personal Evernote System. Many starts and redos under my belt. I went from many notebooks to tags thinking I could organize using hierarchy of tags. But soon realized that was too much maintenance to drag tags to their place. When I create a tag I want it to just fall in place. No maintenance. But I do like order so I created pre-tag characters to create categories. I think we all agree the "at" symbol works for "WHERE". You can't put toothpaste back in the tube so "WHAT" should be #hashtag because it is already used that way by millions on FB and Twitter. A
  10. On every note I share with my customers there are, at the bottom, "share on social media" buttons and on the right a "flag this content button". Do I have to have those? I don't want my customers to share the note. The "flag content" makes no sense for the work I do. Any way I can get rid of these? thanks!
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