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Enable ability to set individual permissions for cookies for Evernote Web Clipper for Chrome



I added https://evernote.com/ per the suggestion of Mettarefuge. That did not work. I would rather not, for security reason, allow a blanket rule to allow third party cookies. Evernote has 5 cookies set on my PC already. I would prefer not to allow a blanket rules for allowing third party cookies as that presents obvious security issues.  I hope Evernote can come up with a less drastic solution.

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@Shane D. Since a couple of days and like after a Chrome update, I also experience this problem. Would be great if the Clipper plugin for Chrome could be fixed shortly. The suggestion to turn off "block third-party cookies" is not an option as @Heinz57 already noted.

Would be great if you could forward to the Clipper plugin maintainers and release a fix soon.

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Like Heinz57, I find that adding https://evernote.com/ and evernote.com in the Chrome allowed sites doesn't help. I suspect that Chrome has changed things in the "Third Party Cookies" department, since I am finding I have to keep logging in to LastPass as well. (Or is it becaue LastPass and Evernote are related?) Either way, unfortunately Evernote is going to drop FAR in usefulness (like being phased out) if I have to allow third party cookies generally in order to use the clipper. 

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