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Widget photo capture note reporting not saving when trying to exit

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Recently after I've captured a new note via the camera widget and click the tick to save and then go to exit the widget I get the warning that the note is not saved and despite saving again I cannot exit the app with the app back key whereas using the main android back key to exit the app I can see the note has been saved.

Galaxy Note 8

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Hmmn.  There's an app back key and an Android back key?  I can halfway confirm this bug - I occasionally have a situation where I take a picture and save the note to go back to the main app.  Evernote (not clear whether it's the camera feature or the app) says "note not saved"...  but it was.  Odd.

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1 hour ago, gazumped said:

There's an app back key and an Android back key?

The arrow in the top left corner is what he's referring to add the "app back key" vs the arrow in the navigation bar in the bottom of the display next to Home and Resents is the Android back key.

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Having the same issue. S9+ Doesn't matter if the note has images or not. Get the note not saved message and can't exit note editing with the app back arrow. Keeps going back to the check mark. The changes do seem to be saved but the only way out is the android back button. 

Has anyone found a fix for this?

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