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Remove ugly automatic bullets

Richard Dale-Mesaros


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You could try using the increase indent feature (Ctrl-M in Windows), instead of bulleted lists, that way you can still create indented lists and use any special character you prefer. 

Caveat: If you try to use the Webdings font or similar, to find characters you prefer like I did (commonly used for this purpose in MsWord for Windows), it doesn't seem to be supported in Android or iOS, at least in my experimentation.

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I agree, that I do NOT want magic/predetermined bullet formatting.  I've been using the much simpler single characters (*, -, +, ., etc.) for years to make brief mobile outlines and then use these characters to search my ever-growing note archive.  (Been doing this since the 80's!)  Now I either have to come up some new character scheme (which hurts my brain and kills my workflow) or have half my notes pushed off the screen to the right due to the large indenting.  Plus, you get the same bullet for  '*' and a '-' so now I can't differentiate the two in my note.  Since I'm usually on mobile I've only been using 2 or 3 spaces for indent (manually entered, of course).  It would be nice to at least: 1) be able to toggle on/off auto-bulletting, and 2) be able to determine the tab spacing (a guy can dream, right).

I understand that this is not really an issue on Desk, just Android.


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