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Search for numerical content in the title

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I do use EN in my personal and professional life extensively, I´ve got about 30K notes already stored.

Most of my notes start with DDMMYYYY in the title and I utilize tags to determine if the tasks is to be followed up or done, apart from many other ones to help me filter them afterwards.

I am looking for a way to get through my notes to determine if some task in the month could not be properly fulfilled and it´s still in @todo tag and not in @done tag. I am aware of intitle but if I use intitle to determine not done tasks in August (something like intitle:082018) I don´t get the suitable results. Also I thought about intitle:*082018, but of course don´t work either.

Do you have any idea how this could be addressed? I have looked through the Forums but I did find some question regarding part of the content in the title, but just with words not with numerical content.

Thanks in advance for you help.

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Hi. I also number my notes, but do it in the international date format of YYYYMMDD. One benefit that this has is that all of my notes are numbered sequentially from my first note to the ones I’ve made today, and this order can be reversed in the sorting if needed. When it comes to searching, intitle:2018090* will bring up all of the notes that I’ve made in the first 9 days of September, for example. I recomend this format for dating your notes. 

Unfortunately, there is no way to do a wildcard search (with the asterisk) from the beginning of a word or phrase. You can only do it for the end of a word or phrase (everything after the first letter or number). There are other quirks in Evernote’s search grammar (as there is in any application’s search), so it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with these before setting up a notetaking system (this is true for any software). Specifically, in this case “A wildcard is only permitted at the end of the term, not at the beginning or middle for scalability reasons on the service.”


With 30,000 notes, it may be a bit of a pain to change at this point :(

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1 hour ago, albertomartinez said:

Is there a way to change automatically part of the title´s content of all the notes at the same time? It could ease some of the pain -)

Which platform/ devices are you using?
I can do such changes using scripting on my Mac.

>>I am looking for a way to get through my notes to determine if some task in the month could not be properly fulfilled and it´s still in @todo tag and not in @done tag. 

The note also has dates stored in the metadata (created, updated, ...)
After running the search, list your notes in date sequence.  It's not an exact extract but might help you identify the tasks.

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8 hours ago, albertomartinez said:

This task we are talking about would be done in Mac.

I posted notes about scripting at https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/112316-scripting-on-a-mac-applescript/

You could use scripting to execute the search you posted above.
I used code like this the last time I made a mass change to note titles (changing the date format on 10,000 notes)

tell application "Evernote"
         set theSelection to get selection

repeat with theNote in theSelection
     set theTitle to title of theNote
     set newTitle to theTitle
     set thedate to modification date of theNote

     if text 1 thru 8 of theTitle = "2018_03_" then
        set newTitle to "2018/03/" & (text 9 thru -1 of theTitle)
     end if

     if newTitle is not equal to theTitle then
set title of theNote to newTitle
set modification date of theNote to thedate
     end if

           end repeat

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I know this isn't exactly what you asked for, but does your title typically coincide with created date?  This is very easy with createdate search syntax. I can flesh out if interested.  I sometimes put datestamps in title for visual recognition, but all my searches use createddate.

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