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  1. Thanks for your idea. Not exactly, there are rolling tasks forward, also tasks created today for any forward date, taking advantage of copying notes features.
  2. Mostly Mac and Windows, also Android to take notes. This task we are talking about would be done in Mac. I would appreciate info about this scripting. Thanks
  3. Thanks, that´s a very interesting approach, which I´ll apply from this month on. Is there a way to change automatically part of the title´s content of all the notes at the same time? It could ease some of the pain -) Thanks.
  4. I do use EN in my personal and professional life extensively, I´ve got about 30K notes already stored. Most of my notes start with DDMMYYYY in the title and I utilize tags to determine if the tasks is to be followed up or done, apart from many other ones to help me filter them afterwards. I am looking for a way to get through my notes to determine if some task in the month could not be properly fulfilled and it´s still in @todo tag and not in @done tag. I am aware of intitle but if I use intitle to determine not done tasks in August (something like intitle:082018) I don´t get the suitable results. Also I thought about intitle:*082018, but of course don´t work either. Do you have any idea how this could be addressed? I have looked through the Forums but I did find some question regarding part of the content in the title, but just with words not with numerical content. Thanks in advance for you help.
  5. Sure, that's it, just storing the search not the results. Thanks
  6. Hi all. I'm an avid Evernote user for years and my workflow is entirely based on EN. There's an idea I'm trying to figure it out how to approach. I'd like to store in a note every web search I do in Google, Bing or whatever. Is there a way to make it directly or through IFTTT? If you see one, please I'd be appreciated if you could tell me. That would help me a lot. Thanks in advance.
  7. Sorry about insisting. Does anyone have more updates about this particular potential feature since September? One of the poster talked a little bit about this as an upcoming feature, but he didn´t talk much about the speed of this feature coming along. Any hints on that?
  8. One the features I would enjoy the most, would be having a visits counter in every note. That would be really helpful in order to rank your most revisited notes, in order to place them really at hand. On the other hand one would be able to take advantage of this potential feature to delete notes not really useful in terms of revisits. I would suggest to implement this feature in the information provided for every note (URL, creation date and time and so forth).
  9. Hi all. I am one of these who gathers hundreds of business cards on Evernote, taking advantage of the awesome feature to scan them. My question is how can I take advantage of this massive business card storage for mailing purposes? Is there a way to export this contacts information (hundreds of contacts) to one format (CSV or whatever) for mailing purposes? Thanks in advance.
  10. I am happy to know you're working on it, although I'd be much more happy if you would be able to tell us when. That should be a mandatory feature. I am a Premium user and an addict to Evernote, who must transform into juggler when I try to catch webpages into my Evernote Account whenever I surf the web with my Ipad. Please solve this issue and we'll much more in love with this tool.
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