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Setting a password to a note doesn't work (??)


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I tried to set a password to a note I placed inside my Evernote on my computer. I thought it was being done by selecting the text and then, when clicking my Richt Mouse Button, in the menu that would appear, I should click the option: "Encrypt/Secure the selected text" (I don't know the specific sentence in this menu, because it is in Dutch, but I'm sure you''ll understand what I mean). 

The problem is however, that the option "Encrypt/Secure the selected text" can't be clicked on, as it seems to be not activated; the text is "gray" inside this menu. Could anyone please tell me what is going wrong? Please advise.Thanks!



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4 hours ago, Robert58 said:

The problem is however, that the option "Encrypt/Secure the selected text" can't be clicked on,

Evernote has a text encryption feature, but it's text only.
Make sure you didn't select non-text items.

There is no note encryption feature
I make use of the native encryption in attachments; pdfs, office/iwork documents, ...

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38 minutes ago, gazumped said:

Hi.  You can't select a note to encrypt,  only the text within that note.  Select the text,  right-click the selected area and you should be able to encrypt it.

How to encrypt content inside Evernote

Thanks guys, the key to this issue was indeed my selecting "non-text items" as well. I find it strange however, that e.g. "bulletpoints" are dealt with by Evernote as "non-text" items, so the message cannot be encrypted. I think that is a real shortcoming of the program.

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I have about four levels of security -

  1. Things I legally have to keep as documents,  or want to for practical or sentimental reasons - RW files
  2. Stuff I feel I should keep off the net like bank statements and personal medical notes - local notebooks
  3. Things I'm not too sure about but don't want revealed in some random network fault or hacking attack - password protected PDF or MSOffice files attached to notes
  4. The rest - standard notes.  (Relying on the purloined letter effect - there's 225M other users with 225n notes;  I'd guess most live more interesting lives than me - what are the odds?)

I do have some encrypted text notes,  but only about a dozen (out of 44,000+) encrypting the attachment is far more flexible - and includes bullets,  pictures,  tables...

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