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  1. Thanks guys, the key to this issue was indeed my selecting "non-text items" as well. I find it strange however, that e.g. "bulletpoints" are dealt with by Evernote as "non-text" items, so the message cannot be encrypted. I think that is a real shortcoming of the program.
  2. Goodmorning, I tried to set a password to a note I placed inside my Evernote on my computer. I thought it was being done by selecting the text and then, when clicking my Richt Mouse Button, in the menu that would appear, I should click the option: "Encrypt/Secure the selected text" (I don't know the specific sentence in this menu, because it is in Dutch, but I'm sure you''ll understand what I mean). The problem is however, that the option "Encrypt/Secure the selected text" can't be clicked on, as it seems to be not activated; the text is "gray" inside this menu. Could anyone please tell me what is going wrong? Please advise.Thanks! Cheers! Robert.
  3. @developers, Wouldn't it be great if, instead of entering your e-mail address and password over and over again, when accessing Evernote on your Windows computer, Evernote would make it (also) possible to introduce a "PIN" to log in to Evernote on your computer. It would be so much easier and probably even more safe as well. It's just a suggestion, but really long wished for to be introduced into Evernote. Cheers!! Robert.
  4. Hi, First of all, Merry X-mas to you all! I have a question that is puzzling me for ages... I just downloaded the latest Evernote Premium offline version: (274061) Public, in which was anounced (at least the way that I understood) that the update was added because users requested a (extra?) password to have Evernote opened when being off-line. The way that I figured, that this would be an extra security meassure. I requested this for a long time; something like a "pin code" or so - as on our mobile version. Maybe I misunderstood, but (still) I see nothing of a kind of the password opportunity. As if nothing changed, if I want to make use of my Evernote password, I still need to completely sign off, and, when signing on again I have to type in my username again, because there is no opportunity to have Evernote remember your login name... Am I something missing here, or is this just the way it is? I hope you can help me out here. Kind regards and happy holidays! Robert.
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